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G suite email hosting India provided by 1Rupeehosting.com India features

Directly Share Files via Gmail
We’ve all been there: you need to share files via email—hey, it still happens!—but you hit Gmail’s 25 MB attachment limit. There’s an easy workaround, though; simply upload your files to Google Drive and insert them into a Gmail message by clicking the Drive triangle icon at the bottom of the message draft. With this direct share function, you can send up to 10 GB worth of files. Now your colleagues have no choice but to watch videos of your cat’s bachata recital!

Minimizing Context-Switching with Research Pane
How many tabs are open in your browser right now? If you’re doing serious research (or just really into cat memes), you might have lost count! You probably wish you had more screen-area bandwidth or an extra monitor to make it easier. Working with only one screen requires regular context switching—a sure recipe for distraction and procrastination.

With Google Doc’s Research Pane (Select Tools > Explore from the Top Menu), you can easily stay on task. The feature allows you to open up Google Search directly from a Google Doc, so you can easily search the web. You can even add a link or embed an image directly from the pane—just drag and drop! Best of all, Research Pane reduces the steps necessary for inserting footnote citations into your Google Doc. Simply highlight the appropriate text, and it will automatically link to the results shown in the Pane.

Discover Google Add-Ons To Improve Productivity
Not to be confused with Google Drive apps, there are many complimentary (and complementary!) Google Add-Ons built by third party developers. Expand the functionality of Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms by installing them from the G Suite Marketplace. For example, you can add document approval systems, digital signature apps, mail-merge apps, or custom financial functions. You can even enable them for specific document types!

Integrate Google Suite With Your Social Apps
G Suite easily integrates with many social media platforms, including Facebook and Youtube. For example, Facebook’s Workplace platform, a social network for business which includes a Newsfeed, Groups and Messaging feature, is integrated with G Suite so that you can sign into Workplace using the same Single Sign On (SSO) credentials as G Suite.

Collaborative Whiteboarding on Jamboard
Google recently launched G Suite’s first hardware product—in the form of a 55-inch, 4K Ultra HD digital whiteboard powered by Suite apps. We have to admit that it’s pretty cool – although it might also be a bit out of reach budget-wise at $4,999. Jamboard makes it easy for you to pull images from your Google Drive and display them right on screen. It also features smart handwriting and shape recognition, allows for easy saving and sharing via Google Hangouts, and is compatible with other devices using the Jamboard app for Android and iOS. No more worrying about a colleague accidentally erasing a whiteboard full of your work!

With so many great apps offered by G Suite, it makes sense to integrate them into your workflows. By connecting G Suite with your other apps through integration, you can easily move data and content between them. Integration means you need to switch apps less frequently and can work more efficiently, because everything is right where you need it to be. You can even automate repetitive tasks, like sending drip marketing emails. Marketing, sales, IT ops—the integration possibilities are endless! 1Rupeehosting.com provides gsuite email hosting in india at lowest price with technical support to set up gsuite email India for your organisation